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Although I’ve experimented with using folders (both standard and legal size) for Portfolders, I’ve been discouraged by the lack of space and the flimsiness of the paper. Also, folders (especially colored ones) are often sold with words printed on the inner surface…not the ideal background for a child’s work. For us, poster board has become the standard.

  1. Purchase a piece of poster board, 22"x28".

  2. Cut the piece of poster board in half, width-wise, so that you have two pieces of paper, 14"x22". One piece is required to make one shutter fold Portfolder. Two pieces make a double fold Portfolder.

    Instr 1

  3. Mark the center of the 22" length at top and bottom. Fold the right side to this center mark. Fold the left side to meet the right at the center.

    Instr 2

    You are now looking at a one Portfolder.

    Instr 3

  4. To make a double fold Portfolder, lay two singles in front of you, face up.

  5. Glue the outside of the right shutter of the book on your left to the outside left shutter of the book on your right. Aleene’s craft glue works well.

    Instr 4

  6. Place heavy books on the glued section as it dries to help establish a firm bond. The double fold Portfolder now has:
    1. a cover
    2. center section #1, with flaps
    3. center section #2, with flaps
    4. back cover

    Instr 5

We glue most items into the Portfolder using a scrapbooking gluestick. We affix photos using scrapbooking photo squares.

The layout and paste-up can take parts of several days. Children arrange and rearrange before they find the most complimentary layout. Although I make suggestions, children make final decisions about where they think each item should go.

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