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Bullet Portfolders with Pizzazz! - Half-Day Inservices for Teachers K-8
     Cynthia Hockman-Chupp, M.S. Ed., can show you how to make Portfolders to enhance student interest, reflection and review in units you already teach.
What is a Portfolder?
     A Portfolder is a student folder that captures the learning process from beginning (What do I know? What do I wonder?) to end (What have I learned?) of a unit of study. Flaps, folds, and other multi-dimensional graphic organizers make learning exciting. The Portfolder emphasizes high quality workmanship by publishing student work and encourages reflective learning and review.
Half-Day Portfolder Workshop
  • Experience the Portfolder process by creating a complete, double fold Portfolder
  • Make and take a variety of flaps, folds, mini-books, & other graphic organizers
  • Discuss techniques to encourage student reflection
  • Explore ways to apply the Portfolder to units of study
  • Enrich students' abilities to reflect & review

Workshops could be presented in two half-day sessions--for example, one for primary teachers and the other with intermediate teachers. Alternately, two half-day workshops could be presented at different, nearby schools.

For more information, please send email to hockmanchupp@canby.com

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