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The following workshops are for new and experienced homeschool teachers of grades 1-12. This material is designed to fit in with any curriculum.

Workshops are available in Fall 2008. Register here!

Instructor, Cynthia Hockman-Chupp, M.S.Ed., presents curriculum ideas to K-12 teachers and homeschoolers. During her career, she has taught elementary, middle and high school students. For the past eleven years she has written and published curriculum for children and adults. She homeschools three of her four children.

Bullet New Workshop, Nov. 2006: Let's Make Books!!!
     Join us for this fun session of bookmaking. Burrito journal, pop-ups, envelope books, layered, bound, pizza books, and more. You'll see many examples of student-made books and learn how they can be used to enhance your child's learning.
Bullet Workshop 1: Book Report Extravaganza!
     Want to make book reports exciting? Come learn dozens of ways to make book reports. Integrate concepts such as characterization, plot, theme, and mood into the learning process! View sample projects and make some of your own to take home.
Bullet Workshop 2: Excel in Reading; Easy Ideas For Success
     Develop your childrenís reading and comprehension abilities. Use simple methods to teach them what good readers do as they read. Talk with your children about literature using a variety of techniques including webbing, predicting, and summarizing. In addition, learn how to create literature discussion logs.
Bullet Workshop 3: Make Non-fiction Unit Studies Come Alive!
     Learn techniques for teaching non-fiction studies from beginning research skills to note taking and report writing. Present information using puppet shows, ABC books, poetry, monologues, and more.
Bullet Workshop 4: Family Stories Are Fun!
     A course for all who enjoy teaching writing and those who wish they did. This class will guide homeschool teachers to discover the wealth of writing material within their own families. Family stories are a springboard to help developing writers discover their own writing potential and appreciate the values and contributions of their own families.
Bullet Workshop 5: Portfolders with Pizzazz!
     Tired of worksheets and workbooks? Want to make learning and review exciting? Teach your child how to make mini-books, folds, flaps and other 3-D organizers. Mount in spectacular Portfolders that children will return to again and again! Visit Portfolders to view samples.
Bullet Workshop 6: Unit Studies with ANTicipation!
     The ants go marchingÖ March with us through this ant study as we look at how a unit is formed from initial idea to culminating Portfolder. Discover how to create 3-D organizers on a topic. Gather ideas that will help you to plan your own exciting, hands-on, unit of study.
Bullet Workshop 7: Geometry - Not Just for Big Kids Anymore!
     Did you know that geometry is now being widely taught at the primary level? During this class, we will explore geoblocks, manipulatives that are used to introduce geometry to young children. Geoblocks capture the interest of children and their teachers as they explore the exciting world of mathematics. The geoblocks and a unit of study from the Math Learning Center for grades 1-4 are included in the workshop materials cost.

Instructor: Cynthia Hockman-Chupp, M.S.Ed. For a biography on the instructor, click here.

Registration and Fees: Please send mail to hockmanchupp@canby.com to indicate your interest in scheduling any of these workshops for your homeschool group.

Comments from attendees

"I loved doing the projects! Thank you for a lovely evening."

"I liked all the examples. Your enthusiasm is contagious."

"I really enjoyed this! It was more than I expected--the ideas were so applicable and seem so easy to do. Thank you!"

"When I came tonight I didnít even know I wanted to learn how to teach note taking. I didnít even know there was more than one way! Iím thankful youíre here sharing with us. Even sharing what we didnít know we were needing. (Yet God knew!--because just today my daughter and I were struggling on note taking.)"

"I want to come for all your workshops--Thank you! Could you please re-teach these three again?"

"Youíve done a terrific job! You gave me ideas that Iím really excited about. Keep me posted on future workshops!"

"I am so glad you had these seminars. They were very helpful in giving me tools that are so helpful."

"Your enthusiasm spills out!"

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