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Gentle ways of exploring them together. Descriptions, activities, and connections to Five in a Row.

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Purchasing Books: Harold Underdown, an editor of children's books, has established a website, The Purple Crayon, that provides resources for children's book authors. He is doing this for free, but he needs a steady source of income to cover the expenses involved with the website.

He has arranged with a variety of bookstores on the web to pay a small commission toward the site. All you have to do is go to his book purchasing site first, Shop and Support The Purple Crayon. Then you can choose to go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookcloseout, Albris (which specializes in out of print books) and others. If you buy a book, they will pay him a small commission. It costs you nothing and supports the site--which, in turn, supports the endeavors of current and future children's book writers.

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