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Portfolders Present™ Series

Portfolders Present is a series of units that encourage kids to ask questions, seek answers, and share what they learn with others. Each unit contains exciting hands-on lessons and activities using common household materials and a selection of easy-to-find library books. The teacher may choose to do an in-depth study lasting 4-6 weeks, or simply pick several of the fun activities to supplement a traditional curriculum.

A key element in the series is the portfolder. Throughout the lessons, students create a variety of flaps, mini-books, drawings, and assorted graphics. At the conclusion of the unit, students read over their work (review) and write about what they have learned (reflection.) When the portfolder is complete, they celebrate the learning process by sharing their new knowledge with others.

What this is: an exciting way for students to actively pursue knowledge as they develop higher-level thinking skills. Students create all projects.

What this is not: worksheets, coloring book pages, reproducible fill-in-the-blank sheets.

Portfolders Present: Columbus

More than twenty activities encourage students to deepen their understanding of Columbus, while making learning fun and exciting. During the study, select from lessons covering history, geography, reading, writing, cooking, art, and math. (Although this unit doesn't include science, many of our studies are based entirely on science; if you choose to follow this with one of our science units, you'll be able to take a short hiatus during this study.)

Ages: Use the K-6th grade designation as a general guide. Younger children will likely need more assistance, while older children may be expected to often work independently, producing longer pieces of writing. Although the curriculum is ideal for any ability level, it is especially appropriate for talented and gifted children, with no ceilings on learning and extensive opportunities to pursue knowledge through inquiry.

You will select from activities such as: History Trading Cards, faux-leather journal, edible map, food transfer flip strip, sea monster creations, ABC book, cooking tostones, direction game, and much, much, more!

Portfolders Present: Columbus, 28 pages, spiral-bound paperback. $12.95

Portfolders Present: Columbus, plus suggested chapter book, Pedro's Journal, paperback. $17.95

Shipping: Media Mail, $3.00 (up to 10 day delivery) or quicker delivery (your choice, at cost.). To order, contact hockmanchupp@canby.com.

About the Author: Cynthia Hockman-Chupp taught high school English, middle school language arts, social studies, drama and Spanish, and elementary school before coming home to raise her four children. She also spent nine years as a freelance writer and curriculum developer, publishing over 100 articles. She now homeschools her middle two children, and brings the best of what she learns to workshops for homeschool and classroom teachers.

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