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Team Spirit has closed.  Oregon/Texas Line Community Fitness, the new tenant, has graciously agreed to let our office and Pass It On to stay in the basement

 248 NW 1st Ave

Thanks to OTL for supporting Canby Kids

Thanks to Team Spirit owners for the support of Canby Kids

Thanks to the Graham Family for many years of supporting Canby Kids

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Founded in 1975, Canby Kids Inc is a non-profit 501(3)(C) umbrella organization for sports who provide youth recreational and competitive teams sports opportunities for children in and around the Canby area on a year-round basis.

Canby Kids is supported by all its member sports.   

The philosophy of Canby Kids is to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable sports experience for each player, regardless of skill level, ability to play, or ability to pay.

We are proud of our record within the community and very much treasures our ability to work as a community partner in Canby. We look forward to many more years of serving the youth in Canby. 

We gladly accept any and all donations to the Canby Kids Scholarship Fund. This fund is used to assist those in financial need. 

Each sport has their own sport programs and affiliations, their own boards, their own financial accounts and play in leagues of their own choosing. 

Over 500 volunteer parents, coaches, and supporters work in partnership with the Canby School District, our business community, and local government to provide competition in five sports.

Each sport hosts a variety of tournaments which brings in hundreds of visitors to our community