WB7QAZ 442.900 Repeater
PL 123.0
With S.A.M.E. Weather alert system
Last Updated 3-22-11

The repeater is open and everyone is welcome to use all the features.  It is located at my home QTH  while setup and testing is being preformed.  At some point we may move the repeater to a much higher location to provide greater coverage to the local Canby area.  The system is completed with Echolink / Echoproducer and the link transceiver is in place.  Once we validate the entire system is operating correctly and understand the power needs, we will design a battery system to power the repeater and weather station.  The system will run on battery power at all times and be backed up with a 15KW generator that can take over quickly if needed for long term power outages.
Complete weather reporting is available to all users from our Peet Bros weather station located on our ranch in Canby.   The CAT 700B repeater is hard wired to a dedicated  CAT 200B / weather station on one of the repeater ports. 

Repeater Hardware:
CAT 700B Controller
CAT RLS-1000
CAT DR-1000B Digital Voice Recorder
CAT WX-200 Weather Receiver with S.A.M.E. Decoder
Kenwood TRK-850 Repeater
SAMLEX  AMERICA SEC-40BRM N+1 DC Power System  w Battery Backup / Charge Function
Alinco DR 235T  Link Radio on Repeater
Ultimate Linking Interface for Echolink
Decibel Products DB4072 Duplexer
Comet GP-9 Antenna
Cushcraft 224-WB (for link radio)

General Repeater Access Codes:
Should the system computer fail, the following codes are hard programed into the CAT controler and will be available while the system is running on battrey power.  The access codes shown on the main web site page are generated from echoproduce and are the main source of information using toch tones during normal system operation.  

*6            Date
*5            Time
725*        DVR Signal report , key up and enter 725* unkey; after message; keyup and record for 7 seconds max; unkey
375          Keypad Test  Enter 375 and keys to be tested then release unkey   (D can not be tested)
Weather Access Codes:
20*          Complete Weather Report
22*          Outside Temperature Report
23*          Wind Speed and Direction Report
24*          Rain Fall Report
25*          Five Minute Wind Speed Report
26*          High and Low Temperature
27*         Wind Chill
28*         Air Pressure
29*         Humidity
NA      Turn on NOAA Radio Audio Report (162.550mhz) Control operators only
NA      Turn off NOAA Radio Audio Report  Control operators only
Echolink / IRLP

Connection and Disconnecting:
Enter the Echolink ID number on DTMF pad to connect to Node
#                  To diconnect from the Echolink server

TBD           IRLP  Node at a later date

Special Thanks to Ron and Harlie at Computer Automation Technology, Inc
What I had thought was going to be a simple project turned in to a very complex process integrating the Peet Bros Weather Station, Weather Alert, and CAT 200 in to the  CAT-700 main repeater controller.  The CAT-200 with CI-200 board is in transceiver mode and is dedicated to the Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100 with the WX-200 providing weather alerts /  reporting upon request to all ports on the CAT-700.  I can not begin to state how helpfull and quick to respond Ron was in solving the many issue we encountered.  When I asked if anyone had built a setup like this, Ron indicated he was not aware of any at this time.  He was always available and willing to solve issues from early morning to late at night and remained friendly even as I struggled with the problems.  I only wish I had a reason to buy more product from CAT.  This kind of service is what makes customers want to come back.  While I understand no supplier is everything to everyone, I can say CAT was everything I could ever hope for.
Computer Automation Technology, Inc
  I highly recommend CAT Team for the quality and cutomer service they provide.

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