Hobbies and Fun Times

One of our favorite past times is taking  our motor home and snowmobiles over to Wanoga Snow Park at Mt. Bachelor Oregon for a five to six day stay in the snow.  While the drive is a bit icy, once we are parked it is 100% fun.  Whether riding the trails, climing the hills, or lunch at Elk Lake each day is filled with fun.

One of our favorite spots to sled is up to the edge of the willderness area at Moon Mt. on  Bachelor.  Below is a shot of Carol an I parked at the out of bounds area at about 6500 ft.  It was a beautiful day and one of our best rides ever.

We are back at the Motor Home with our friends ready for cocktail hour and cooking steaks for dinner on the BQ behind the MH after two feet of fresh snow that day.  This was one of the best trips to Bend we have ever had!

Below is a shot of  the Cook Tent on of  elk haunting  adventures in the Wallowa  Mt's located in the north east corner of Oregon.  As you can see life is not real tuff once we are in camp.  I just puuled the turkey out of the wood stove for dinner.

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