MOMS Club of Canby

Moms Offering Moms Support


Playdates are a great chance for moms to get together during the day and catch up while the kids play.  Playdates vary from member homes, local parks, or even kid-friendly resturants!

Moms Night Out

Once a month we organize a Moms Only event!  These are moms only activities and are a great way to relax and build friendships.  We have an annual Moms Weekend Away at the beach, a banquet every June, nights in at a member's home, and evenings out spent shopping and dining.  Each month is a new adventure!

Giving Back

As a non-profit, our club sponsors fundraisers for local charites . We have donated to The Canby Center, the Canby Pregnancy Care Center, The Dougy Center, and the Canby Educational Foundation, just to name a few!  We also take part in volunteer events throughout the Canby community.