Through a series of videos recorded close up to my hands so you can see exactly what I'm doing,
I will demonstrate how to make the adorable little folk dolls that I have taught in classes
in a variety of workshop settings. This is a class that students have been asking me to teach online for years.

You should be able to easily finish your doll in one day, just as my classes have done in the past.

I will demonstrate every aspect of creating the sitting doll with moveable arms and legs.

The class site and all the links will stay up until the late spring of 2017.
You can join at any time.

There is a facebook group you can join if you'd like to meet and chat with other students in the class.

We can show off our creations there and see what others are doing.
I will closely monitor the class and look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.
I will be available to answer questions and encourage you along.

Because this class is less involved than my previous classes I am offering it at a reduced price.

Shortly after you sign up you will receive a class link, supply list, and password. If you fail to hear from me, please check your spam drawer.

If you have any problem with the PayPal button, you can e-mail the funds directly from your PayPal account
(where it says "send money") to

unsolicited testimonials from former students

You are an excellent instructor, and don't hold back anything.
Your instructions are clear, understandable, and geared for every level. -Linda

You are so generous with what you share. You so clearly show and explain your techniques as well. - Helene

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your class. I've never taken an online art class before and had
no idea what to expect. ... my notes just can't substitute for seeing what you are doing in the videos. - Betsy

thank you for the thoughtfulness that went into the planning of this course. thank you for your generosity,
your attention to detail, your supportive encouragement, and your specific and detailed feedback. - Jeanne

Love your course. As a retired high school English teacher, art has become an exciting part of my life
and I appreciate your organization and lessons and of course, your creative work. Thanks for your attention here. - Jan

I will miss you as you start my day off everyday. Thank you for always giving so much in your classes. You are a true treasure.
Can't wait to see what is next -- whatever it is, I will be there! Big hugs! - Laurie

I hope you feel the exhilaration of all of us who have learned so much. smiles: - sharon

Thank you so much Judy! This class is fabulous and I dont want it to end. -Debbie