Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise are happy for the opportunity to offer this 4 week workshop in a book.
Follow the day by day lesson plans or work at your own speed; the book is arranged to fit your schedule.

What is included in this eBook offering is all the videos, written instruction, photographs, questions and answers from former students
as well as internal and external links to products and supplies. All of this information is organized into
a beautiful presentation that is easy to navigate and access. Once you receive your eBook you can choose whether to
download all the information to your computer or access all the videos and written copy directly from the discs.
It is simply a beautiful book that you will refer to again and again for plaster inspiration.

Once pre-ordered you will receive a confirmation response from PayPal.

The eBook will be mailed to you at the address you have on your PayPal account
unless you let us know differently.


I received my e-book today and I am SO IMPRESSED! I love the E-Book. I would love to always take classes this way! The set-up is amazing, I just LOVE IT!
Really, really happy with it. . . . You girls are doing a great job. I wouldn't hesitate to take another class from you. SO MUCH information!
Thank you so much!

Thanks for opening my creative eyes! This is definitely one of the best online classes I have taken .. and I've taken quite a few! ---Fran

I can't believe I wake up five mornings a week, and I have TWO friends in my home!
You are here long before the bird's outside my window are chirping. Forget making the bed!
Just dash to the computer to say good morning ladies, what do you have for us today! ...
I love the gauze and burlap. Until this week burlap was the yuckiest thing I could think of touching.
Now that it is merged with soft plaster, it is fabulous!
Thank you for the endless hours it took to refine and present all of your knowledge, talent and techniques.
We are all so lucky!!! ---Sharon

I am loving (!!!) this class. ---Mary Beth

There is something about spreading the plaster that makes me feel as if I am a true artist...
maybe it is because of the versatility of the medium. It feels as if I almost cannot fail to create something wonderful.
Perhaps over time it will be something really spectacular.
I admire both Judy and Steph for their ability to tirelessly experiment and discover all these wonderful techniques they are now sharing with us.
It is amazing. ---Lois

I loved the fresco wash video! I have watched it 8 or 9 times now. I was sooo excited to try this technique and paint a beautiful woman's face. ---Dorylyn

Eeee! How awesome is this class?? ...I seriously cannot stop staring at the delicious worn surface. Sigh. Thank you, Stephanie & Judy! ---Jill

The videos for this class are wonderful! The images are so clear, the sound is great.---Ginny

Re: video camera
i was going to say the same thing! as well as the extensive subject matter!
you guys are over the top! couldn't be happier with the class!--- Jeanne

Re: video camera
I also agree. Great videos! ... -- Renee

Re: You Rock!
I'll second that! I keep meaning to take the time to write a post about how much fun I'm having but I don't want to take away from studio time.
Same thing with photos even tho I've finished a half dozen paintings. I love the way plaster interacts with the paint!
Been doing quite a bit of experimenting, started playing with encaustics--just a layer or two of beeswax on the finished plaster, maybe a few scratches--
nothing too exotic but I absolutely LOVE the result. ---Susan

Love all the great work that you all are doing. This really is the best online course I have taken. Such attention to detail. ---Sharon