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Your on-line tutorial was excellent - comprehensive and served up with intelligent commentary.
I've been working at cold wax for a few years now. I'm a functional potter by trade, with 50 years of experience,
having gone from painting to pottery and now back to painting. I saw some work by Rebecca Crowell
while at a pottery conference and was knocked over, determined to learn cold wax. I've done a number of workshops,
mostly with excellent artists, and honestly, your tutorial is the clearest and most comprehensive learning experience
I've had thus far. I thank you for the tutorial and wish you continuing success and joy in your work. ----John

Thank you for this amazing class. It has exceeded my highest expectations. ----Hagit

The potentiality of this particular medium has me swimming in a huge pool of pure creative juice.
I cannot thank you enough for sharing these techniques. ----Gloria

Your suggestions for framing are many applications possible for framing
other media in addition to wax work. Seeing each step makes the process very clear and doable.
I hope you feel the exhilaration of all of us who have learned so much. ----Sharon

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your class. I've never taken an
online art class before and had no idea what to expect. Making a dvd of the course available
to us is wonderful; my notes just can't substitute for seeing what you are doing in the videos. ----Betsy

Judy outdid herself on this class. One of the best I have ever taken online or otherwise. ----Barbara

I think the on line format is genius. The fact that we can all work in our own studios while being in a workshop
is perfect. Thank you Judy. You are an amazingly generous teacher.----Sherry Rae

My voice has been silent as I am working at absorbing all of the information you are generously sharing.
I just want you to know how much I appreciate the time and thought you have put into this course.
I am picking up ideas for my other art forms as there is a very good carry over. I love the idea of
working with oil over the wax, which is what I will finish first.----Sharon

What she said. What they all said. My heart is overflowing with love for this class.
As everyone has said, I would do this again in a New York minute.----Ann

I have learned so much from this time together---a wonderful, exciting class and beautifully taught.
You guide us so graciously. I felt so safe to experiment and to not worry about the product,
just to enjoy the process.----Shelley

I want to say how much this class opened me up as a painter - a beginner at this after 45 yrs of dancing -
and I loved seeing all your work! I will miss this ----Jeannie

I have been SO inspired by this whole course - I can wait to get cracking on some big pieces.
Just the right amount of input and inspiration each day to play with. Perfect Judy Wise!!
Thanks for being so generous.----Kim

Love your course. As a retired high school English teacher, art has become an
exciting part of my life and I appreciate your organization and lessons and of course,
your creative work.----Jan