At last, an online course in encaustic painting with Judy Wise!

I hope you will join me in this online wax workshop as I share my knowledge of encaustic painting. This is not a beginning course although beginners will learn to take the first baby steps; I will teach
techniques that I have learned over a decade of experience as a gallery artist, facilitator and mentor. Most of the class instruction will be through daily videos so a high speed connection will be helpful.

In addition to demos there will be projects presented that we can make together. You do not have to work in wax every day, just watch the videos and then decide which techniques appeal to you the most.
Some of you may choose to just watch the daily videos (taking notes) for later use in your work while others will choose to follow along with daily hands on activity.

Here is a rough outline of how I have structured the course:
I have held nothing back, there will be no Part 2.
This is the whole enchilada.

studio arrangement and equipment
keeping costs to a minimum
safety issues
making wax medium
how to make our own color blocks to save money
substrates including paper and grounds
smoothing the surface
transparency and opacity

tissue and paper
photo collage techniques
burning and branding
glazing and inking

surface texturing
ghostly layers
shellac burn
shellac color burn
color mixing on the hot palette
portrait project
2nd portrait project
carbon paper project

putting it all together -
treating the paper substrate
gold foil
making a sample board
layering up
painting over
spatial dynamic and composition
content vs technique
personal voice

The supply list is not daunting and I can show you easy solutions to ventilation and gathering the minimal equipment you will need to get started.
You can do many of the techniques with nothing more than a hot pot of wax, a few chip brushes from the hardware store,
a heat gun and things you already have around the art studio or garage.

I'm really busy that time of year. Are you going to overload me with work?

You will be the one to decide how much time you wish to devote to each day's lesson.
I am teaching you techniques that you will apply to your own paintings along with a few projects that we can
work on together to advance our experience with the medium.

This sounds really hard. Is it going to be over my head?

My goal in presenting this class is to offer something for both the beginning wax artist as well as the more advanced.
You may not use some of the techniques presented but you will have more knowledge to draw on at every level.

Is this going to ruin all my paint brushes?

(laughs) No, we'll use cheap dedicated brushes for the wax. But if you accidently grab the wrong brush I'll tell you how to get all the wax back out so you can use it again.
I'll even tell you how to get all the old gunked up acrylic out of your good brushes.

I work in my garage with only one window. Can you help me figure out the exhaust situation?

Yes, in the first video I'll cover that.

What if I fall behind? I've taken online classes before and I can never keep up.

I'm going to leave the videos and all the links up for 30 days after the class has officially ended. That will give you plenty of time to view
all the videos and work on the projects that interest you.

Will there be give aways? I love give aways.

(laughs again). Yes, I'll be giving away 2 original encaustics during the class through a random drawing.

Will this help me get my work in galleries?

Well, that depends on where your work is now. But certainly I can give you the perspective
of a juror and gallery participant. I will do everything I can to help you
move to the next level. I would love nothing more than to see each of us succeed in our goals.

What if I really cannot draw at all? Will encaustic be a medium that I can enjoy without drawing skills?

There are so many techniques that include photography, collage, sculptural effects, abstract design and outright lucky accidents
that I would say this is the one area where you dont need to know how to draw.
I think you will make beautiful work right away with this most forgiving medium.

Are you going to offer this material as a DVD or an eBook some day?

Yes, I plan to have the class presented as a beautifully designed eBook with internal and external links that will make
navigation through the various techniques a snap. This will enable you to have all the videos, lessons, questions and answers
forever in a format that will allow you to view them at your convenience. Anyone who signs up for the course
will be able to purchase the eBook at a reduced rate.

There will be a Yahoo group where we can post images and share discussions about our work.
I will make myself available for questions and support until the class ends however the site with all the videos will be up for you for an extra month.

This class is a culmination of my many years of wax study and experience and I am proud to present it to you.

I think it's going to be an awesome class. (big smile)

Here are some kind testimonials from participants of my last online class ...

"This really is the best online course I have taken. Such attention to detail." ---Sharon

"The videos for this class are wonderful! The images are so clear, the sound is great."---Ginny

"I loved the fresco wash video! I have watched it 8 or 9 times now. I was sooo excited to try this technique and paint a beautiful woman's face." ---Dorylyn

"I am loving (!!!) this class." ---Mary Beth

"Thanks for opening my creative eyes! This is definitely one of the best online classes I have taken .. and I've taken quite a few! "---Fran

Once registered you will receive a confirmation response and full supply list with links within 48 hours. Please email me at if you have not received it by then.
I am one person doing everything so please be patient. I am efficient but not infallible.
If it is not your correct or preferred email, please let me know right away.