If you have always wanted to journal, need a kick start, or just want to hang out and play with me for a month, come on in.

I'm a mixed media artist who has kept written and drawn journals ever since I can remember and I love to share my passion
for this extraordinary practice with others. We'll explore a variety of mixed media techniques, respond to writing prompts
and combine the two during the daily video and written instructions.

If you've never made your own journal before I'll urge you to make one with simple instructions for the long stitch book
and I'll show you a number of ways to approach an original cover design; one of my favorite parts.
Then we'll delve into various ways to paint and embellish our pages as we explore the concept of the book as an art form,
psychological journey, playground and secret keeper.

Most of the instruction will be in the form of videos so a high speed connection will be helpful.
In addition to daily demos those who wish may join in on daily discussions and photo sharing of our journals at
a private Facebook group and a closed Flickr group.

This will be a self directed class so that you can spend as much or as little time as you choose.
I appreciate how busy our lives are and if that is an issue for you I'll share ways to integrate writing into your daily routine.

size & style considerations
pens and art supplies
making the long stitch journal - (optional activity)
cover options
page backgrounds
list exercise
beautiful paper
daily writing prompts

rubber stamps
india ink and sumi
transfers: gel, heat, tape, inkjet, contact paper
transparencies, tissue and film
crackle exercise
secret pockets
foam blocks, monoprinting
daily writing prompts

tissue images
gold foil and embossing powders
gel pens
tar gel
carbon paper project
home made misters
black ground exercise
daily writing prompts

keeping secrets secret
face exercise
hand exercise
water soluable media
staying on track with goals and dreams
daily writing prompts

Will I have to buy a lot of stuff?

You can decide whether or not to invest in new supplies.
I'll show you the ones I use over and over - the ones that really add to the fun of keeping a journal.
I think you'll want to have most of the supplies that I love and the supply list is reasonable.

Are you going to emphasize writing or art?

My goal in is to balance the two and then to let you decide how much time you choose to spend on each.
I strongly believe that writing out your daily concerns is good for your physical and mental health.
As one reader put it, you get those things out of your head and body by putting them into the journal.
On the other hand, I think the art, whatever your style, comes from a different part of the psyche and that
working from both hemispheres of the brain is what joins our hearts to our minds.
It is a practice that focuses our intentions and helps us make choices.

How long are you going to leave the class site open?

I'll leave it open for a least 8 weeks, giving everyone plenty of time to revisit the demonstrations and familiarize themselves with all the techniques.

Are you going to offer this material as a an eBook after the class ends?

Yes, for those unable to take the class now there will be an eBook made available at the end of class.
Anyone who has signed up for the class will be able to purchase the eBook at a reduced rate.

There will be a private Facebook group and a closed Flickr group where we can post images and share discussions about our work.
I will make myself available for questions and support until the class ends however the class site with all the videos will be up for you for an extra month.

If you can think of questions I haven't answered here, write to me at judywise@canby.com and I'll be glad to answer them for you.

Here are some kind testimonials from participants of a previous online class ...

"This really is the best online course I have taken. Such attention to detail." ---Sharon

"Like everyone else, I am sad to see the class end. This is definitely the best online class I have taken." ---Lois

"The videos for this class are wonderful! The images are so clear, the sound is great."---Ginny

"This is the best online class I have ever taken." ---DeAnna

"Thank you Judy for the thorough lessons and how brilliantly each lesson built on the previous lesson. ---Judy S.

"I can hardly see the monitor right now as I am streaming tears. I so agree with all the beautiful messages already
being sent your way. I entered this class with enthusiam that I would learn so much and I did. I have surprized myself &
that is so rewarding. I am so appreciative of your sweet giving ways, plus the whole class has been such a great support to each other.
As a newbie to painting with no formal trianing I have been given confidence by this class to go for it and just fill my life/ canvas
even further with these lessons you have shared. ----Stephanie

"I am enjoying the heck out of this class too....looooooove it....I finally feel like a real artist!!! Thanks so much." ---Patti

"Judy, this was an amazing online class filled with so much information. I am at a loss for words to express my deep appreciation
for your sharing.....just know that I do. Thank you!" ---Kristina

"This is one of the most wonderful online workshops I've ever taken!! All videos and techniques described are exciting and motivating!" ----- Niki

"Thanks for opening my creative eyes! This is definitely one of the best online classes I have taken .. and I've taken quite a few! "---Fran

Once registered you will receive a confirmation response and instructions for accessing the class site.
Please email me at judywise@canby.com if you have not received it within a day.
I am one person doing everything so please be patient.
If it is not your correct or preferred email, please let me know right away.