Judy Wise is proud to present her 4 week mixed media journaling workshop in a beautifully designed eBook format.
Follow the day by day lesson plans or work at your own speed; the book is arranged to fit your schedule.

What is included in this eBook offering are the daily videos, written instruction, photographs, and
questions and answers from former students as well as internal and external links to supplies and contents.

All of this information is organized into a beautiful presentation that is easy to navigate and access.
It is simply a beautiful resource that you will refer to again and again for mixed media and journaling inspiration.

size & style considerations
pens and art supplies
making the long stitch journal - (optional activity)
cover options
page backgrounds
list exercise
beautiful paper
daily writing prompts

rubber stamps
india ink and sumi
transfers: gel, heat, tape, inkjet, contact paper
transparencies, tissue and film
crackle exercise
secret pockets
foam blocks, monoprinting
daily writing prompts

tissue images
gold foil and embossing powders
gel pens
tar gel
carbon paper project
home made misters
black ground exercise
daily writing prompts

keeping secrets secret
face exercise
hand exercise
water soluable media
staying on track with goals and dreams
daily writing prompts

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