January 21 - February 8, 2013

Please join Judy Wise for 3 weeks of instruction in the fascinating medium of cold wax.

"Why cold wax?", you may ask. Well, for one thing there's the fast drying time.
A layer of oil paint and wax emulsion sets up enough to be able to rework later in the same day.
For another, the surface is unlike the reflective, oily surface we associate with oil paint.

Instead it is soft and matte; it has the subtle beauty of oil paint, of wax, and can be manipulated both in
a traditional manner as well as employing techniques common to printmaking and encaustic painting.
Add to all of this the fact that we clean up without solvents and it begins to get very appealing.

Judy will demonstrate her favorite recipe for making your own cold wax (which will save you lots of money)
along with suggesting various additives and will compare the home made product to several commercial varieties.

If you've been curious about trying cold wax, this is your opportunity to explore the medium online with a group of friends
from all over the world who will exchange information and results with you. In addition to demonstrations of collage,
transfering, texturing, and more there will be a discussion of composition, non-representation and abstraction.

The class will consist of daily video demos, written instructions and examples of paintings to study.
We will have a closed Facebook group where we can share our work and experiences.

A short materials list with supply links will be forwarded to enrollees and
I will make myself available for questions and support until the class ends,
however the class site with all the videos will be up for you for an extra month.

If you have any problem with the PayPal button you can mail the funds directly from your PayPal account
(where it says "send money") to judywise@canby.com

Once registered you will receive a confirmation response and supply list.
Please email me at judywise@canby.com if you have not received it within a day.

No cancellations please.