Judy Wise is proud to present her 4 week encaustic workshop online.
Follow the day by day lesson plans or work at your own speed; the presentation is arranged to fit your schedule.

What is included in this workshop offering are the daily videos, written instruction, photographs, and
questions and answers from former students as well as external links to supplies and contents.
All of this information is organized into a beautiful presentation that is easy to navigate.
You will be provided with passwords to access the class and videos.

You will be able to refer to the class again and again for encaustic inspiration.

studio arrangement and equipment
keeping costs to a minimum
safety issues
making wax medium
how to make our own color blocks
substrates including paper and grounds
smoothing the surface
transparency and opacity

organdy and silk
tissue and paper
photo collage techniques
burning and branding
glazing and inking
oil sticks and iridescence

surface texturing
ghostly layers
alsphaltum and tar
plaster substrate and casting
incorporating photography
shellac burn
shellac color burn
color mixing on the hot palette
portrait project
color mixing project
carbon paper project

putting it all together -
treating the paper substrate
gold foil
making a sample board
layering up
painting over
spatial dynamic and composition
content vs technique
personal voice

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I HIGHLY recommend your Hot Wax class to anyone who has even the slightest interest!
You are an excellent instructor, and don't hold back anything.
Your instructions are clear, understandable, and geared for every level. ---Linda

I just want to commend you for the great videos. I have been doing encaustics since the spring
and have read "everything" i can find as well as watching DVDs and videos.
Your videos seem to have a way of putting it all together for me and I can now go forward with more confidence.
I can't thank you enough for making this available to us. ---Patricia

I can't even tell you how wonderful this online class has been. You said you
were going to share years and years of experience with us in these few weeks -- who knew that
you were really telling the truth! This has been the best, most value filled, most information filled
online class I have ever taken! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing
this class with all of us. -----Laura

Your class is absolutely amazing, jam packed full of info, so much so that it is mind blowing! ---Roberta

I have had an interest in encaustic for a few years and could never seem to
get things flowing. This course which I found purely by accident has helped me finally move forward.
For this I am grateful and full of excitement to take off and explore this new chapter of painting
in my life. I have learned so much and it shows in my new encaustic paintings.
Thank you for the inspiration and the many tips that have helped me create again. ---- Pamela

I've never taken an online course before, and had a bit of trepidation that it wouldn't
be as much fun as an 'in person' class. But this has been more wonderful than I could have predicted!
I'm addicted :) Thanks for your clear, concise explanations and wonderful inspiration.
I love being able to work on my own in the comfort of my own home. ----- Ruth

Even though I have been doing encaustics for a while now I am finding new techniques or tips in every topic. ---Patricia

As I mentioned in my last post, I am loving this class and found that you certainly held true in your promise
to wow us with information.Thank you so much for hosting such a class event! ---Laurie

Your course in hot wax is a treasure trove of techniques, ideas, the broadening of ones tools and direction
but most importantly is the language of creativity and following ones passion. ----Rebecca