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Measurement with Marbles
Developing mathematical thinking...one family at a time.

Looking for a fun, hands-on, math/science unit for your family or co-op? The Math Learning Center, a non-profit organization "dedicated to making mathematics approachable and engaging," has produced a second unit available to the homeschool community!

Measurement with Marbles gives children an opportunity to use mathematics in the context of scientific research. In this unit, students make ramps with household cardboard tubes to investigate some of the factors that cause marbles to roll farther and faster. They measure the distances their marbles roll as they change the ramp heights, the ramp lengths, and marble masses. Finally, they apply the understandings they’ve gained as they design mega-marble rolls -- pathways designed to get the marbles to do a series of specified tasks.

This exciting, innovative unit gives children in grades 1-4 a hands-on opportunity to experience math and science. Perfect for co-ops and families!

Measurement with Marbles Deluxe Kit contains: 9 marbles (3 each of 3 different masses), 130 Unifix Cubes, and one set of loose-leaf teaching materials. $24.50

Measurement with Marbles Economy Kit contains: 9 marbles (3 each of 3 different masses) and one set of loose-leaf teaching materials. (Suitable for those who already own Unifix Cubes.) $11.50

Additional marbles: 20 per package.
   Glass Cat's-Eyes #MAR $2
   Wooden Balls #WBL $2
   Steel Ball Bearings #STB $4

Additional Unifix Cubes:
   150 Cubes, 50 each of 3 colors. #QZ90. $15
   500 Cubes, 50 each of 10 colors. #UH. $40
   1000 Cubes. 100 each of 10 colors. #UI. $80

Shipping: All orders over $30 are shipped prepaid to U.S. zip codes. Orders $30 or under, please add $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

To order, call the Math Learning Center at 1-800-575-8130

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have a wide age range in my homeschool. Can everyone use the materials?
    The curriculum is designed for use with grades 1-4; however, many families and co-ops will want to include older students. The mega-marble roll designs can be as complicated as students choose to make them.

  2. I already have a math and/or science curriculum. Will this interfere?
    No! This unit will provide students with hands-on exposure to mathematical concepts including measurement, averaging, graphing, and counting. Students experiment, observe, collect and interpret data, all practical applications that will strengthen their math/science abilities. Not to mention that it’s FUN!

  3. How long is the unit?
    The unit contains 13 sessions. It could be presented as 13 individual lessons, or chunked to serve a co-op schedule.

  4. Which kit should I order? Deluxe or economy?
    In order to successfully use the lessons, you’ll need 130 Unifix Cubes. If you already have a collection of Unifix Cubes, order the Economy Kit. Otherwise, you’ll want the Deluxe Kit.

  5. What do I need for a co-op setting? What additional materials do I need?
    If you plan to use this unit in a co-op (a wonderful idea!!!), you will want to pair up children. Each pair will need a set of 3 marbles (3 different masses) and 130 Unifix Cubes. Two pairs may be able to share Unifix Cubes, but each pair must have a set of marbles.

    You will also want to begin saving cardboard tubes of all kinds (toilet paper, paper towel, wrapping paper, drapery fabric tubes, etc...). A set of 3 blocks, each roughly 3"x6"x2", is necessary for each group. All other materials are commonly found around the house.

  6. How do I schedule a hands-on mathematics workshop in the Pacific Northwest for a group of homeschool teachers?
    Email us: hockmanchupp@canby.com

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