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Developing mathematical thinking...one family at a time.
Perfect for portfolders, lapbooks, notebooks

Have you been wishing for fun, hands-on ways to make your child a better mathematical thinker? Do you want to capture learning in a portfolder--a special student-made folder that a child can return to again and again? For the first time, the Math Learning Center, a non-profit organization "dedicated to making mathematics approachable and engaging," is making a geometry unit available to the homeschool community!

Youíve never seen anything quite like geoblocks! Geoblocks are 26 uniquely-shaped wooden blocks. Through play, observation and manipulation, children in grades 1-4 will discover properties of geometry. Early exposure to math terminology and geometric thinking will give them a foundation, leading them to develop mathematical confidence, often found lacking in many teens and adults.


"We started our geometry unit (geoblocks), and after the first lesson on faces/sides/corners, my sons were thrilled! They had never had so much fun learning math. At the end of the lesson, as they were putting away their geoblocks, my oldest son, who is 9, noticed the phone number for the Canadian company on the bag. He grabbed our phone and dialed the number (thankfully it was an 800 number)! Without any hesitation, he introduced himself, and thanked them for creating geoblocks--just wanting them to know how much he enjoyed learning with them. They asked if he was homeschooled and then told him they always loved compliments, thanking him for calling! I sat there observing the whole event stunned! Sam is my shy, reserved child-- can you believe it?" -- Homeschool Mom, Wilsonville, Oregon

Geoblock Kit contains: one set of geoblocks, one set of loose-leaf teaching materials, and notes for the homeschool teacher...including directions and illustrations demonstrating how to capture the unit in a portfolder. $19.50

Additional Geoblock Sets: $6.50

Shipping: All orders over $30 are shipped prepaid to U.S. zip codes. Orders $30 or under, please add $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

To order, call the Math Learning Center at 1-800-575-8130

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have a wide age range in my homeschool. Can everyone use the materials?
    Yes! Geoblocks can be used with preschoolers (free-play!) through adults. Although the curriculum is designed for use with grades 1-4, adults in our homeschool workshops have noted how helpful they would be with highschoolers. The assignments are open-ended and could be endlessly expanded--for even the most advanced mathematicians.

  2. I donít do portfolders, notebooks, or lapbooks. Can I still use the materials?
    Yes! The materials were not originally written with student folders in mind. The materials are very adaptable to portfolders, however, and we have included special notes to give homeschoolers ideas on how to make fun folds and mini-books which students will return to again and again.

  3. I already have a math curriculum. Will this interfere?
    No! This unit is a wonderful, fun, hands-on addition to any math curriculum. Children (and adults!) enjoy it so much that it doesnít feel like a typical math curriculum.

  4. How long is the unit?
    The unit contains six lessons and numerous activities. A family could spend anywhere from one to three days or more on any given lesson, depending upon the child's interest and the depth at which the material is covered. Many lessons, such as "Geoblock Architecture," are ones that students will return to again and again...just for fun!

  5. How many sets of geoblocks do I need?
    This is really a personal opinion. I have enjoyed having a set of geoblocks available for each of my children, although it would be entirely acceptable for them to do the lessons side-by-side. I also like having a second set because it makes it easier to "see" some geometric thinking. For example, when children are asked to discover which blocks equal block "B," they can use two sets of blocks to test their thinking and reveal that 2 S blocks equal block B.

  6. I have pattern blocks, geometric solids, and geoboards. Are they the same as geoblocks?
    No! Geoblocks are a unique product. As far as we know, a geoblock curriculum has never before been offered to the homeschool community. I have searched for geoblock materials at homeschool conventions, at learning stores, and in hands-on catalogs. I havenít seen them offered anywhere else. If you do, please let us know!

  7. Will you offer other hands-on, portfolder-friendly math curriculum in the future?
    We hope so! (A unit on designing and constructing marble ramps is in the works!)

  8. How do I schedule a geoblock workshop in the Pacific Northwest for a group of homeschool teachers?
    Email us: hockmanchupp@canby.com

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