FYI:  Science Resources for ESL (Spanish) Students

Rosa Hemphill
       The web is a voluminous source of information for science teachers.  A teacher will find a huge amount of information and links on almost any topic she or he is teaching.  For teachers with Spanish-speaking ESL students in their science classes, the web also offers resources that may make it easier for a Spanish speaking student to access terms and subject information being presented in class.  Below are listed links for pages from the Spanish portion of the web written for chemistry (química), physics (física), biology (biología), and earth science (ciencia de la tierra).  The online version of this page can be found at .

General Science Resources in Spanish (Educación y Ciencia):

Spanish Resources for Chemistry (Química):

Spanish Resources for Physics (Física):

Spanish Resources for Biology (Biología):

Spanish Resources for Earth Science (Ciencia de la Tierra):

Spanish Resources for Engineering (Ingeniería):

R. Hemphill
April 2001