Staying Warm!! Fuel and Energy Resources.

Many of us teach about fuels, about energy, and about energy conservation. Here are some URL resources that you might find useful especially during the 2001 power crunch! These resources will be available for a limited time at http://www.canby.com/hemphill/fyienrgy.htm .

General Energy Resources: Oil drilling rig image from NSTA

Fossil Fuel Information Resources: Petroleum: Coal: Natural Gas:
Natural Gas Storage Image from NSTA
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Fuel: Alternative Energy and Fuel Sources: Nuclear Energy Resources: Fission and Fusion Resources on Power: Effect of Fossil Fuels on Carbon Dioxide Emissions:

Energy Conservation Links:

Energy Images (copyright free) from NSTA http://www.nsta.org/energy/find/photos/ .  Fire gif from Mr. Fire.

R. Hemphill
February, 2001