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Point your mouse in the direction of one of these search engines to find information on your topic. Different engines have different strengths. Over time these search engines are evolving. Many of the older search engines have expanded into web directories or web portals, often having a more streamlined search page at a different URL.  The Altavista link below is now more of a web portal to many different services.  I find that its "sub" page,, is a faster, more effective search engine than its mother page.
Most search engines require you to identify the two or more words you are searching with a "+" or "( )" or an "and".  If you know the exact phrase, you will get more direct hits by enclosing a phrase in quotation marks.  You need to check the on-line documentation at each site. Check Boolean Logic page below for more information on Boolean searching.

Pointers to Tools for Searching the Internet and World Wide Web

    Free Pint Bar A British site that contains current information on web search issues.  It also maintains an archive where web search topics are available for download--from wedding preparation to chemical engineering searches.
    Pedro's Biolmolecules Research Tools.  Search tools specifically for Biotechnology topics!
    Gopher Index gopher://  This search device is for  ag Gophers!!

Information on HOW to Use and Evaluate Search Engines.

Search Tools in Oregon

UNIX Search Tools

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