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Today's topic... lists!

HTML has 3 types of list-formats available. Note while you "view source" for these lists NOTICE that the list is enclosed in start/stop tags, but the items on the list are not : they only have start tags.

1) The Unnumbered List looks like:
A fruit list:

The "ul" tag used above, and the "ol" tag below, are paired (are used both at the start and end of the list), but the "li" tag (for List Item) used on each element in the list is not paired (is used only at the beginning of each item).

2) The Ordered List is really a Numbered List, but it's not usually called that:
A job list:

  1. apple
  2. bannana
  3. cherry
  4. date

3) The Definition List resembles a list of terms and their definitions. Again, the "DL" tag is paired around the whole list, while the "DT" and "DD" item tags are not. I suppose "DT" stands for Defined Term and "DD" stands for Defined Definition?

Previously applied to music/bands, now applies even to Fonts (as in "grunge type was used to lay out that magazine ad"). Generally, a VERY fashionable way to be.
New Mexico
Everyone's favorite state, but one that, sadly, missed out on its chance for glory when the recent "State Question" bill was vetoed by the Governor. Do you know what the State Question would have been?
the letter combination for which I know the most meanings... FOUR!
Anti-chrondistically unretranstilled
The state of being repeatedly situated in a process of educational discovery with respect to specified outcomes for which the relevant prospects of success have been defined in articulate and delivery platform cognizant terms with no preconceived estimations of participant derived valuation.
What follows can get complex... feel free to skip it for now. There's no penalty for checking it out later.

The Answer is: Yes, you can Nest these list formats:

  1. Dates can be listed:
    1. 1492... much disputed
    2. 1912... nm startdate
    3. 1998... Delta Clipper used by NASA?
  2. Outlines can be created:
The confusion one can get into with all the nested tags needed for these nested lists makes it easy to see why a market is developing for HTML tools: programs that make writing HTML documents easier.
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