Large Headings are Easy

When you look at the "source" for this page, you'll see lots of angle brackets enclosing special "markers" or "tags" that HTML uses to format the text it displays. Most of the common tags come in pairs: a start tag and an end tag. The effect of a tag might be to make text look STRONG like this.

Size H1 ... heading format comes in 6 sizes

Size H2

Size H3 ... tags can be in lowercase

Size H4 ... tags can be in uppercase

Size H5
Size H6 ... HTML doesn't care
You can make words STRONG or make them emphasized. Often, you can mix styles together.

Some tags,
like P for paragraph and BR for breakline,
do not come in pairs.

Check out
the "source"
right here!
HTML doesn't
care whether
your "source"
looks like
the resulting

HTML pays NO attention to where you actually press return when typing, it only cares where you TELL it to break a line. You can't even put in extra spaces.

The HR tag also comes "one at a time" and makes a "Horizontal Rulerline" across the page... how far do you think it goes over that way --=> if you widen/narrow the window you're looking at?
You might want to print BOTH this page and the source, and compare the two on paper.

If you're fairly clear about how this page works, continue.