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Periodic Table Web Resources
The American Chemical Society online periodic table with elemental data, electron configuration, and graphing
"It's Elemental: The Periodic Table." From the American Chemical Society Chemical & Engineering News. A periodic table with element links to essays written by well-known chemists on the elements and their stories.  Well worth the visit and highly recommended for high school classrooms.
Mark Winter's (from the University of Sheffield) WebElements Professional page .  Clicking on elements brings up pages with the element names in different languages and with over 20 sets of notes and properties for each element. Much of this table is interactive and permits for graphing element properties. Highly recommended.
WebElement Periodic Table Scholar Edition.  A good version to use for classroom activities. Students may print a FREE current periodic table or download flashElements for PC or Mac, PalmElements for Palms, or WapElements for Wap phones.
Chemicool periodic table. This resource page provides links to element information, to graphs of properties, a forum, and a chemical dictionary. It also provides links to biology resources.
A  list of periodic table links from Stanford including one for atomic scattering factors and an NMR periodic table.
A pictoral periodic table.  Element links connect to an image of the element with a short description (some elements have a Red Cross image/link if the element image is not available). The main page permits searching by selected element properties and graphing of properties abainst atomic numbers. The chart feature and keyword search are not active. Links to 'alternate styles' of the periodic table are included.
The Los Alamos Periodic Table of the Elements. The periodic table is for K-12 students, includes 3 different periodic table notations (IUPAC, American, Europen), and shows an image of the element on mouse-over. The periodic table site is downloadable as are Word and pdf verions of the periodic table.  The placement of Ac and La differs in this table from the placement in the Webelements periodic table.

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Sept 2005