Chemistry Resources

MSDS/Safety Links
Many chemical companies provide online MSDS for their products.
Where to find MSDS on the Internet. This site includes links for 100 free MSDS sites, FAQ, regulations, and searching. The site includes a "Demystifier" page into which you paste in an MSDS to get hyperlinked explanations of MSDS terms.  A glossary of MSDS terms is found at  or
The Vermont SIRI (Safety Information Resources on the Internet) MSDS collection. with a searchable database.
Chemical and Other Safety Information from The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University.  The top heading provides a variety of links. Click on the MSDS link and use the alphabetized links to locate the MSDS. Links to a Chemical Safety Database Searcher.
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) ToxFAQs have information for hazardous waste site contaminants.

Sigma Aldrich now has a Virtual Stockroom. Once you enter this stockroom, you may go to EquipBasics, BioBasics, or LabBasics (for chemistry). In the LabBasics section, you may click on common lab chemicals, such as Acids and Bases. Under Acids and Bases, for example, you have access to a long list of common lab acids and bases. For each of these, the site provides chemical information, properties, and safety notes. You may click to download the MSDS (but first have to register), product information or specification sheets. You may also request the free Sigma-Aldrich catalog which itself is a handy tool to have in the lab.
The Cornell Department of Environmental Health and Safety MSDS site allows for search by name or formula.
US Department of Labor OSHA Standards for Hazardous and Toxic Substances.
US Department of Labor OSHA Standards for Carcinogens. Provides a list of 52 carcinogens classified as carcinogens or potential carcinogens by the National Toxicity Program .
US Department of Labor OSHA Safety and Health Topics for Toxic Metals--6 metals.
Chemical Safety Index with links to MSDS, Lab Safety, online chemical hygiene plans, government agencies, and more.
Laboratory Safety Institute, a non-profit educational organization devoted to lab safety. Its founder, Jim Kauffman, maintains the Labsafety-L listserv.

Online Chemistry and Chemical Education Resources
Online Journals, Books, and References
Online Journal of Chemical Education.  The site offers limited access to online articles from the most recent JCE text issue. In addition, it offers teacher access to JCE Digital Library, DigiDemos (digital demonstrations), WebWare (web access to animations, simulations, etc., for the classroom), SymMath (Mathca, Mathematica, Maple, and MatLab documents), and QBank (access to chemistry questions via the web).
The American Chemical Society Chemical & Engineering News online pages offer access to articles in the current issue and to special reports.
CHEMINFO: Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University houses information on cheminformatics with links to resource guides, databases, instructional materials, and to the archives of the CHMINF-L listserv.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) offers free access to its online NIST Chemistry WebBook. This WebBook offers thermochemical, spectral, and other data for large numbers of compounds.
Steve Lower's Digital texts for Chemistry Instruction.  Essentially an online chemistry textbook with material available in webpage format or as pdfs. Valuable for both teachers and students.

Chemistry Organizations
Website of the American Chemical Society (ACS), with links for educators and students.
The ACS Education page with links to Chemunity News as well as educational resources pages for K-8, High School, colleges, universities, and continuing education.
National Chemistry Week information and resources page. The ACS provides lessons, hands-on lab activities, and resources to celebrate chemistry.
The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) web pages for advancing the chemical sciences. The RSC sponsors a page for students at  as well as one for teachers at .  

Chemistry Links

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