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Welcome to the Hemphill homepage in Canby, Oregon.! It is kept up by Rosa Hemphill.  Canby is a small, but growing community south of Portland, OR. Canby maintains a friendly, rural atmosphere and claims an important agricultural base. I am a chemistry teacher, and this page provides links to educational and chemistry resources for students and teachers alike. Several of the older resource pages are now archived--much of the information and many of the links are still good, but the pages are no longer being updated.

Chemistry and Science Resources for Students and Teachers


Canby, Oregon--
City and Community Links
Weather, stats.
Chemistry-Related Sites on the Web April 2003
Links students may use to access periodic tables, MSDS information, journals, organizations, and other chemistry related web pages.  If your browser does not support frames, try
Periodic Tables
A gleaning of online periodic tables that will be useful for students and teachers.
Educational Institutions Near Canby april 2003
This page provided links to colleges near Oregon's Willamette Valley.  In addition, it contains links for students interested in the college application process. It includes links to two pages I put together to help students with the college search process and links for financial aid information, including a site for downloading the Common Application.  Some of the links are to commercial sites.
Chemistry Resources
Links to Safety information, MSDS links, Chemistry organizations and journals, and to just plain interesting sites.
Tools for Searching the Internet and World Wide Web April 2003
A page with links to the most common search engines and pages describing how best to search. A link is included to Patrick Crispen's Roadmap96 Syllabus with directions for doing telnet, ftp, etc.
Molecular Modeling

HTML Help-Links and Tutorials April 2003

This page has an on-line tutorial for writing HTML and several html links to help you write your own pages!
Astronomy, Astrobiology, and Observing
OSTA 2005 Astrobiology Resource List
Mining Online Astronomy and Educational Spitzer Resources, 2/2006
Thermal Imaging Resources for the Classroom, 3/2006

My Hotlist April 2003

A distillation of interesting sites for the student with time on his/her hands (?)....
Current HotList
 A Mt. St. Helen's Volcano student page. (M. Hemphill, 1996)
A page designed by M. Hemphill with information and links about Mt. St. Helen's. You may also link to fictional stories written about St. Helen's creatures![written for 7th grade computer class, 1995-96].
Web Resources
TOST, NCCE, NSTA and other Pages
  • TOST Science Web Sites: Chemistry...TOST, Nov/Dec 1996, pp. 17-18.
  • TOST Science Web Sites: Wetlands...TOST, March/April 1997, pp. 27-28.
  • Chemistry Visualization Resources for Teachers...NCCE, Portland, Oregon: March 28, 1997.
  • Chemistry Bonding Images...Spartan bonding images, L. Lancaster, R. Hemphill, M. Ellison, March 1997.
  • Air Quality Web Resources.  A page put together for the Horizons Project at Portland State University during the summer of 1999.
  • TOST: May-June 2000 FYI Websites of interest to science teachers, gleaned from posts on the OSTA and other listservs, and published in the May-June, 2000 issue of TOST.
  • TOST:  July-August 2000 FYI .  Web resources for teachers interested in using free digital imaging software in their science, math, art, and inquiry lessons.  Published in the July-August, 2000 issue of TOST.
  • WSTA Conference October 2000 A page of useful web links for teachers interested in using Spartan. From a presentation by Mike Ellison and Rosa Hemphill at the Washington Science Teachers Conference, October 13, 2000 at Heritage High School, Vancouver, WA.
  • TOST:  January-February 2001 FYI Biology .  This set of links was written for teachers who use biology in the classroom.  It provides URLs for the Student online Biology WorkBench, for the Biology Project at the University of Arizona, on cells, on molecular biology, and an anatomy and physiology among a wide variety of topics.  Published in the January-February, 2001 issue of TOST.
  • Horizons Project Handout 2001. Handout material from the Horizons Project presentation at the Murdoch Partners In Science Conference (January 12, 2001, San Diego, CA)
  • TOST:  OSTA TOST FYI: Staying Warm!! Fuel and Energy Resources . 2001.  Web resources on fuels and on energy. Fossil fuels are the primary focus, followed by fuel cells, alternative fuels, power issues, and energy conservation. A useful set of links if your students are studying the current (2001) power crisis in the Northwest.
  • Science Resources for ESL (Spanish) Students 2001. Resources for science teachers who are teaching ESL students whose first language is Spanish. These links are for pages from the Spanish portion of the web written for chemistry (química), physics (física), biology (biología), and earth science (ciencia de la tierra). They would also be useful for students doing science reports in Spanish.
  • 2001 Fulbright Memorial Fund Digital Diary in Japan.  A digital diary kept while I was in Japan through the Fulbright Memorial Fund in June-July 2001. It includes a journal and digital images for each day of the trip.  For teachers, it includes information on the Japanese educational system and the current reforms, background on Kyogen and Kabuki performances, images in schools in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, and images of daily life with my homestay family. In the schools, I focused on science learning in addition to the other classes we observed. I also took many images of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, including two in my homestay home. Information on FMF applications is at the bottom of the first page under "2001 Spring FMF Program." 
  • Astronomy Resources 2002. A set of Astronomy Resources for teachers and students interested in background information and projects related to astronomy. The impetus for these web resources was the 2002 TOPS summer astronomy workshop for teachers and students. I hope to update this page as I locate more information. 
  • Portland NSTA 2002 Conference: Molecular Modeling and Viewing Web Resources.  From the presentation on Molecules, Modeling, and Technology: A Constructivist Approach to Chemical Bonding, by Mike Ellison and Rosa Hemphill at the Regional NSTA Conference, November 14, 2002, Portland, OR. This page provides links to web resources for molecular modeling programs, such as Spartan, and to model viewing programs, such as the Netscape or Internet Explorer plug-in, Chime
  • Portland NSTA 2002 Conference: Molecular Modeling and Viewing Web Resources. Lesson Plans and Materials   From the presentation on Molecules, Modeling, and Technology: A Constructivist Approach to Chemical Bonding, by Mike Ellison and Rosa Hemphill at the Regional NSTA Conference, November 14, 2002, Portland, OR. This link leads to the materials that were distributed on the CD, including curriculum materials. Use Internet Explorer or a recent version of Netscape to download the Word files. Images for use in the activities can be downloaded as a zip file.

R. Hemphill
March, 2006