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Thought of the Week:

"It becomes more obvious the longer you live that all life is full of patterns. Reality is trying to tell us something. Life is speaking to us. There's lots of mystery out there to be sure, and no shortage of chaos and unpredictability. But there's also lots of meaning...message trying to find expression, music inviting us to listen and sing, patterns attracting our attention and interpretation. The chaos becomes a backdrop for the patterns, and the mysteries seem to beckon us to try to understand."
Brian McLaren, We Make the Road by Walking (New York: Jericho Books, 2014) 11.

How do you see God in the patterns of everyday life? Share your insights with someone this week.

Action Plan:

Share with someone this week - a family member, a friend, a coworker, or an acquaintance - the idea that we all live by a certain logic or belief system. Ask them which logic they see to be most powerful in today's world - rivalry, compliance, meaninglessness, mechanism, or love.

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Mission Statement

Canby United Methodist Church is a diverse group of believers...Praying for God's will; listening for the Holy Spirit; and seeking to follow the way of Christ.

We are called to glorify God; to use our talents to serve others in family, church, community and world; to be a supportive fellowship seeking to grow spiritually and to share the teachings of Jesus Christ through our thoughts, words and actions.

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Pastor Karen Shimer is a person passionate about walking with Jesus and invested in living out God's messy love.  It isn't always easy, nor clear, but it is always rewarding and fulfilling, sometimes scary and often unpredictable.  Walking with God is like that.  Connect with Pastor Karen Shimer through her blog:

Come. Rest. Ask. Grow. Walk.

Welcome to Canby United Methodist Church!

Canby United Methodist Church strives to carry on the heritage of the Methodist pioneers who settled the Oregon territory, bringing faith and vision to this new land. We embrace this spirit of new possibility in all that we do, seeking to be a church of "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors".  We desire to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do, embracing long standing traditions and new ideas. Come be a part of the journey of faith!

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