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The Outdoor Recreational programs for kids in the greater Canby Area

Canby Kids, Inc. is an non profit umbrella organization which houses and assists 5 sports.
Each sport is run by their own board of directors.


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Canby Kids and Canby School District

There is a unique partnership between Canby Kids and the Canby School District.  The School District gives Canby Kids access to the school's fields and Canby Kids supplies the maintenance to the outdoor facilities.  Canby Kids also handles the scheduling of other sport activities who wish to use the school fields and charges them turf maintenance fees to support the turf maintenance. 

Knight Grade School/Eccles Grade School
Sport Use:  Baseball, Softball and Soccer

Trost Grade School
Sport Use:  Soccer

Ackerman Complex
Lee Grade School/Ackerman Middle School/Legacy Park (city park)

Sport Use:  Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Football

Baker Prairie Middle School
Sport Use:  Baseball, Softball and Soccer

Canby High School
Sport Use: Baseball

Canby Kids and City of Canby

The City of Canby maintains the various parks that Canby Kids uses for their individual sports.  Canby Kids handles the scheduling of sport activities and works with the city park department. 

Maple Street Park
Sport Use:  Softball and Soccer

Legacy Park (part of the Ackerman Complex)
Sport Use:  Soccer has access to the back two acres of the three acre park and the fields are maintained by Soccer, separate from Canby Kids Turf Maintenance fees.  The City is responsible for the mowing of the entire park. 

Canby Community Park
Sport Use: Softball

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