Canby Kids Inc

The Outdoor Recreational programs for kids in the greater Canby Area

Canby Kids, Inc. is an non profit umbrella organization which houses and assists 5 sports.
Each sport is run by their own board of directors.


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Canby Kids processes field requests
for the all the Grade and Middle school fields
for the Canby School District

Elementary:  Lee - Eccles - Trost - Carus

Middle School:  Ackerman - Baker Prairie

To request use of fields please fill out

Field Use Request Form

Return to Canby Kids by mail

PO Box 631
Canby, Or  97013

or email scanned copy to office

There is a fee to use the fields
to support the maintenance of the fields
Contact Canby Kids for details

Current Information
  • Office hours have changed. Call first before dropping in.


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