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The Outdoor Recreational programs for kids in the greater Canby Area

Canby Kids, Inc. is an non profit umbrella organization which houses and assists 5 sports.
Each sport is run by their own board of directors.


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Canby Kids functions like a Parks and Recreation Department but does not receive any public (tax based) funds.  The Canby Kids Board is a hands-on board and matches the office work with volunteer duties such as Turf Maintenance, Fundraising, mediating facility use issues and other corporation duties.  We have a one person office who works on a part time basis to manage the day to day administrative work. 

The Canby Kids office is supported by all its member sports.  Due to the loss in 2001 of our $25,000 City Grant, the Canby Kids board has had to been resourceful to keep the office open.  We have used a combination of fundraiser and per player fee of from all its member sports to replace the city grant funds.  In 2002, we formed a fundraising committee who organized a Dinner/Dance/Raffle& Auction event in the hopes of reducing the per player fee.  That fundraiser has had success, although it has not been able to replace the lost city grant.  100% of the proceeds from the Dinner/Auction will be used to reduce the sport fees for operation of Canby Kids. Currently, we have passed the cost of Canby Kids office on to the sports on a per player fee.  We gladly accept any and all donations to the Canby Kids Scholarship Fund. This fund is used to assist those in financial need. 

Why do we need cash donations?  The hub of our organization is our Canby Kids office and it takes cash to pay for office expenses and our one person part time staff.  Before 2001, that expense was furnished by a City of Canby Grant; we no longer receive that grant money. 

Why can't the sports absorb the cost?  Currently the sports do pay a per player fee of $18 for each player enrolled in their respective sport. When costs go up, registrations go down. 

What the Board has done:

  • Reduced office services to save money on payroll.

  • Promoted our plight in hopes of receiving donations.  (We are a 501(3)(C) Non Profit organization).  List of donors over the years

If you would like to financially support our organization, we encourage you to:

  • Write a check and send to PO Box 631 Canby, OR 97013 OR

  • Come into the office and hand deliver your donation

Current Information
  • Office hours have changed. Call first before dropping in.


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